Dynamis Homeopathy

Hahnemann Memorial in Washington, DC

Homeopathy is the Most Scientific Form of Medicine

Can homeopathy be considered scientific? Is it more or less scientific than standard medicine?

Protocols and polypharmacy, advice to students

What do we think of homeopathic mixtures? Banerji protocols?

Homeopathic Remedies For Croup

Coughs that needs Hepar sulph are worse from cold air or blowing air, and the patient tends to be sensitive and irritable.

Sea sponge can be helpful in croup

Remedies for Croup – Spongia tosta

A homeopathic remedy made from toasted sea sponge, of all things, is one of our three best remedies for croup.

Agaricus muscarius, or fly agaric

A Mushroom for Bravery: Agaricus muscarius

The toxic amanita muscaria was used by the Vikings for bravery in battle.