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In-person Testimonials:

We have been thrilled with the results from working with Hart. My two year old son has had a long list of health challenges in his short two years, most of which cleared up with a gluten free diet. However, he had a painful, eczema-like skin condition that he constantly complained about. After trying every soap and cream out there, a friend suggested we take him to Hart, and I’m so glad we did. Once starting the remedy, Hart said we may notice mental and emotional shifts before the rash cleared up. Immediately, my son had a huge jump in his vocabulary and ability to have a conversation. We had always called him grumpy, since he was frequently frowning. But, within a week of using the remedy, he started smiling and singing and dancing and making jokes. Who knew he had a sense of humor!?! And, two weeks later, his skin had gone from dry and flaky to soft and supple. I do not understand what exactly Homeopathy is or how it works, but seeing it in action is amazing. So much more than what we were hoping for. We were so blown away by the results, we immediately made appointments for the rest of the family. If you’ve been wondering if homeopathy can help you on your road to health, I highly recommend giving Hart a try.

J.S., Durham, NC

Hart Matthews saved my life. I was having a terrible battle with insomnia, sleeping so little over the course of about five months that I sincerely don’t know how I survived, and for all purposes except the insomnia I was an exceptionally healthy 44! I tried acupuncture, EFT, meditation – nothing helped. I went to Hart for help, and he calmly and confidently provided it. Hart’s reassuring demeanor combined with his interview/investigation of me are amazing. I am very comfortable working with Hart, and I KNOW that he is committed to helping and empowering me and others. I am sleeping very well now, all problems are resolved, and because of Hart’s educational efforts and reassurance, I have begun to treat other minor acute problems successfully by myself. Can it get any better than finding a practitioner who saves the quality of your life, educates and empowers you and remains available to you if you should need him again?

L.C., Cary, NC

I know I have told you before but I don’t think you understand how desperate and depressed I had gotten about the headaches. Homeopathy has completely changed my life. I really was thinking about brain surgery just to see if it would help. I have never lived with such chronic pain for so long and could not take it much longer. Thank you for what you have done for me and the whole family. I feel like I am slowly getting my life back and frustrated that I have lost an entire year as we come up on Dec again. Sad to think about how bad this year has been. 2010 will be much better thanks to you.

R.D., Raleigh, NC

Hart Matthews listened well and responded with an effective and easy to follow treatment. After a pretty major back trauma, I am back to walking and running and light rock-climbing after only four weeks! Thanks Hart.

T.B., Durham, NC

When I became Hart’s homeopathic client, I had had a background nursing and had my own ideas about how the body was supposed to work. My symptoms were rather enigmatic and elusive and if I had known what was wrong with me, I certainly would have tried to fix it myself! But since the symptoms were enigmatic I was really stunned. I had to release control and Hart’s trustworthiness was excellent anti-anxiety remediation. I had plenty of questions which I was never shy about posting to him. He was always available by phone or by email and he never shied away from any of them. He is excellent at establishing relationship that is important to the healing process and never makes you lose hope or uses a mask to create distance. His approach is very different than the authoritative and autocratic approach that I was accustomed to. I do believe that during the course of our treatment, although it is still incomplete, the trail of symptoms that Hart had to follow would have kept Sherlock Holmes up at night, but like a good tracker he followed the trail along some very tricky and narrow ledges. I also know that he cultivates a unique approach. He is never afraid to think outside of any box created by someone else, or to avoid a complex challenge. He has an appreciation of the wizardry of each person’s individuality. He is totally committed to and confident in my process and to the big picture of healing. It’s the kind of perspective that is important for all true healers. I know that health is a lifestyle commitment for him. It is difficult to find such conscientious people.

S.O., Seattle, NC

Last June I began regularly developing hives beneath each of my eyes in the late afternoons. It began suddenly and vigorously. The hives would begin appearing around 4 o’clock and grew in size and number as the afternoon would go on. I would be swollen all evening without seeing much relief until the following morning. I began using antihistamine eye drops and they did help to reduce the severity of the outbreaks. Over time, if I used them several times a day, they helped keep me from having the outbreaks as often. I was still having them fairly regularly, however. I set up an appointment to meet with Hart at his office and, after an interview to get more information about me, my life and my condition, Hart came up with a remedy based not on what may have been triggering the allergic reaction but on boosting my body’s own ability to handle the allergen better. What happens next is truly amazing! It has been one year since I began experiencing the eye hives. It has been six months since I stopped taking the remedy. I have had one, very small hive that went away almost immediately in the past six months. The treatment has been incredibly successful and I couldn’t be happier. My western medicine doctor friend is amazed … so am I. Thank you, Hart!

D.R., Durham, NC

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